Enroll in a Course

To take a course on BlueGreen, you’ll need to enroll. When you enroll in a course, you’ll be able to start right away or come back any time to start/continue.

To enroll in a course:

  1. Open the course information page by clicking on the course title from the BlueGreen Course catalog.
  2. Click Take This Course.
  3. Your course is now added to your Cart. Click on the Cart icon and select to check out.
  4. Do you have a coupon? Make sure you fill this in before entering your payment information.
  5. After your payment is successfully processed, you’ll receive an invoice and your course will show up in your Dashboard.

See courses you’re enrolled in #

You can see all the courses you’re enrolled in from your BlueGreen Dashboard.

To see all your course enrollments:

  1. Open withbluegreen.com. Make sure you’re logged in.
  2. On the left sidebar, click My Courses.

Re-take a course #

If you want to take a course again, you can re-take quizzes and exams and re-do assignments. Only your most recent grade will be counted. You can’t delete your coursework or reset your progress in a course you’ve already started.